Florists do not need to purchase expensive tools to start working. A few basic types of equipment that are not that pricey will do. Just make sure you know how to properly maintain them to make them last a while.

The Basic Supplies You Will Need

The basic supplies a florist must have are packaging bags, tapes, and corsage pins.

However, if you want to cater to a larger crowd or more occasions, then you may need to buy more advanced tools. The latter may consist of but is not limited to floristry knives, ribbon shredders, pruners, snips, thorn strippers, staplers, styro cutters, florist scissors, bunch cutters, multipurpose scissors, wire cutters, glue gun, floral foam blocks, floral preservatives, floral foils, flower food, moss, flower frogs, spray paints, adhesives, cards, candle adhesives, etc.

Know Your Production Needs and What Supplies Will Work For You

Know your production needs as a florist and what tools will work for you.

If you are in a school for floral design, ask your teachers. They are excellent resources for figuring out what supplies you will need. Talk to professional florists and ask what tools they usually invest in. They can give you tips and strategies that they have learned for several years of being in the market.

Proper Maintenance and Storage

If you want your tools and equipment to last, then you must know how to properly maintain them. In your daily job as a florist, your tools will be exposed to vegetable matter, varying weather conditions, water, and dirt.

Make sure to thoroughly and gently clean all your equipment at the end of the day. Store them in a place following the conditions specified by the manufacturers.

Best Value and Extended Warranties

Invest in florist supplies that are of the best quality but with the lowest prices. Look for manufacturers who give out extended warranties. This will make the most out of your money.