Being a florist does not mean working with flowers. You also need to effectively handle people as well because they are your potential customers.

Floristry alone demands patience, hard physical labor, and perseverance to be able to surpass the peak as well as slow periods of the business.

Here are the things you have to look at if you are planning to become one:

Assess Yourself Then Make a Plan

Know your current level of skills and knowledge of the flower industry. Do you need to know the basics or can you manage the advanced courses? How much are you willing to spend on your studies? This would help you select the most appropriate curriculum and school for you to be in.

You must also evaluate how deep is your interest or desire to be in the business. Do you see yourself as a florist five years from now? Do you want to be a full-time florist or do you just want to do it in your past time?

Read a Lot, Ask Experts, and Get Hands-on Experience

Do your research religiously about the industry. Read as much as you can about the trade. Talk to florists and flower enthusiasts. Gather lots of information not just by the book but through experience.

Go to school and learn by doing the actual job. You may apply as an assistant or an apprentice to flower shops. Working for someone else who is already an expert in the industry will help you gain lots of knowledge that books alone cannot offer.