How to Create CBD Oil from CBD Flowers

Nowadays, many CBD businesses use state-of-the-art machines to create CBD cream Canada.
However, you don’t need these high-tech machines to create your own CBD oil or to make weed gummies at home since there are many ways you can do so with some common ingredients.
With that said, continue reading to learn ways to make high-quality CBD oil from CBD flowers.
Ways to Make CBD Oil and What CBD Flower Strains to Use
Before creating your CBD oil, …

Plants and Softened Water

Plants and Softened Water: What You Need to Know about Softened Water for Watering

Do you know that there are two types of water; soft water and hard water? The words hard and soft are not literal, though. The phrase hard water refers to water that contains high levels of magnesium and calcium. Meanwhile, water softeners are used to define water that contains a high concentration of sodium and a low concentration of magnesium and calcium.
A high concentration of sodium in water (obtained from salt) causes plants and flowers to die …

Vaping Cannabis Flower
Flower Gardening

Smoking and Vaping Cannabis Flower: How Different Are They from Each Other?

Since its discovery, cannabis and vaping e-juices have expanded into a variety of brands, providing a lot of options for its users. Having several different choices can be overwhelming. That is why patients using medical marijuana should always ask their certified medical marijuana doctor how are smoking and vaping cannabis flowers different from each other.
If you are one of the many medical marijuana patients who wish to know their differences, continue reading the information below.
There is a stark contrast in potency or strength between smoking and vaping cannabis …

Flower Vape
Flower Gardening

How to use Flower Vape to Get the Most of It

Want to experience the most out of your limited edition juices without smoking it? Well, the vape is the best alternative. Flower vaping is usually done by recreational and medical users. For recreational users, pleasurable benefits are gained from inhaling the buds. Medical users, however, receive therapeutic benefits from CBD flowers.
So how do you actually use flower vape to benefit from its full effects?
How to vape: things you will need
For the first-time vapers, whether it is the desktop or portable vaporizer you have, there are …

Floral Shop
Florist Business

9 Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Floral Shop

Are you having a hard time expanding your floral and t shirts business? If you do, you’re on the right track as we’ll give you nine marketing ideas that are proven to be effective and don’t cost a fortune.  Here are 9 marketing strategies to promote your floral shop:
Create a Website
First on our list is not only one of the easiest, but also one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies to promote your floral shop. Creating a website is vital for the growth of your business as customers can also order flowers online.
Take Advantage …

Flower Gardening

The Top Canadian Companies to Buy Cut Flower Seeds for Your Flower Garden

We have gathered here the top Canadian companies where you can buy cut flower seeds for your flower garden:
Unicorn Blooms
This flower grower can supply both the retail needs of home gardeners and bulk orders of flower farmers. This is the place to go if you want to grow Floret-style flowers in huge amounts in Canada.
This company is best when you want to grow perennial flowers. Super Saks is perfect if you have a large garden space. You must also try the Crème de la Crème phlox, October Sky Dahlia, and Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony.
Dahlia May Flower Farm
It is a family farm selling …

Flower Gardening

10 Annual Flowers That Are Easy to Grow – A Beginner’s Guide

Growing an annual cut flower may be a challenge especially if you are new to the flower industry. However, some varieties are very easy to grow.
Here is a list of easy-to-grow annual flowers that is great for beginners:
This can be considered as the backbone cut flower gardens. It has several varieties that come in various sizes and has vibrant colors.
Pick branching varieties so that you can have the most blooms possible. It also has a whole range of gorgeous blooms namely in red, yellow, pink, brown, and orange.
The seeds for this flower can be easily …

Flower Gardening

Starting Your Low-Cost Flower Garden

Are you inspired to grow your flowers and start a low-cost flower farm in your backyard?
We got some tips that might help you!

Buy seeds in bulk

Buying seeds in bulk can save you lots of money. You may also get to qualify for discounts or promo packages.

Use pots

If you do not have enough or do not have space for plants, then make sure to secure flower seeds that could easily be grown in pots.

Buy gardening tools

Buy second-hand grow lights for your flowers. However, make sure that you can still make the most out of that…

Florist Business

Starting Your Flower Shop

Opening your flower shop is a huge step that comes with big responsibilities and risks. Nevertheless, it may also bring big opportunities to earn money and widen one’s connections.
Here are the things you must consider before starting a flower shop:

Do you have enough skills and experience?

Do you have enough skills and knowledge to sustain a flower shop business? Floristry indeed takes talent and sufficient hands-on experience to become successful in the field. Go to school and enroll in a course that deals with floristry. Ask for more information from experts and professionals or those who …