Do you want to be a florist? Do you have a flower business? Tadine is here to guide you!

Our team of professionals is dedicated to giving you the comprehensive education you need to learn the basics of becoming a successful florist. We have our employment connections, user-friendly modules, blog, and directory of schools that teaches floristry, etc. We make sure that everything is tailored-fit to meet your needs.

Do not worry, Tadine has your back!

Below is a brief description of the fundamentals of the flower market you need to know:

What is a Florist?

Florists are individuals who design floral arrangements for events namely parties, balls, weddings, christening, funerals, and many more. They are also the ones selling and maintaining flowers. Thus, if you want to become one you must have a firm foundation about plant care.

What are the Jobs I Can Do if I Become One?

Often florists are self-employed as they run their businesses. You may also opt to work as a florist in a flower shop or company.

What Must I Do to Become a Successful Florist?

Let us be truthful here. Floristry is a challenging craft that does not pay much. However, if you have a passion for flowers, a talent for design, and strong interpersonal skills then you will increase your chances of becoming successful while enjoying your job.

Do you think you do not have what it takes to be one? Tadine is very much willing to mentor you to become one of the finest florists in your place!

What are the Things I Need to Consider in Choosing the Right Floristry Courses?

Tadine has a wide directory of schools that you can choose from, thus selecting the best program for you can be difficult to make. We are here to help you come up with a sound decision.

You need to consider the distance of the school from your home, school fees, and your current skill/s, or know-how about the field.

Select a learning institution that you can afford or that offers scholarships. Make sure that your school is near your place to lessen your travel expenses. You also need to assess your level of knowledge about floristry as this might help you pick the right curriculum you need.

You can always visit or call the school of your choice to gather the details you need. By doing so, you may be provided with a good sense of whether the institution is the best for you.