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How to use Flower Vape to Get the Most of It

Want to experience the most out of your limited edition juices without smoking it? Well, the vape is the best alternative. Flower vaping is usually done by recreational and medical users. For recreational users, pleasurable benefits are gained from inhaling the buds. Medical users, however, receive therapeutic benefits from CBD flowers.

So how do you actually use flower vape to benefit from its full effects?

How to vape: things you will need

For the first-time vapers, whether it is the desktop or portable vaporizer you have, there are certain accessories you need to get started. These accessories are important to fully maximize your vaporizer.

l Vaporizer – Of course, you can’t vape without the vaporizer. There are many types of vaporizers you can avail of in the market but desktop and portable ones are your great options.

l Dry herb – you need to have a good dry herb or CBD flowers. The bud should not be too dry and sticky, otherwise, you can’t make the most out of its buds.

l Grinder – this item is meant for conduction vapes. A quality grinder is beneficial for vape users. It helps you vape the herb efficiently by grinding or breaking it.

l Other accessories – some important tools for your vaporizer includes stir and brush tool. Some essential items, on the other hand, are pipe cleaners, loading or packing tool, funnel, cotton swabs, and isopropyl alcohol.

How to use: things you need to know

Before you pack your flower vape, make sure that it isn’t hot. Otherwise, you’ll burn yourself and will lose the spirit of the vapor. Here’s how you can effectively use your flower vape.

l Make sure that your flower vape is fully charged. In this way, you are sure that it is heated enough and will not disrupt you while vaping.

l Use your grinder to break the herb. While some vaporizers allow you to vape the full buds, refined and ground herbs will let you experience the precious vapor.

l Make use of scooper in placing your dry CBD flower or herb into the oven or your vaporizer’s chamber.

l If you have a packing tool, use it to pack in the herb. Otherwise, pack the herb in using your finger. Make your that the surface is flat as it maximizes the conduction vapes. Don’t pack tightly as air is still needed inside the vape.

l Turn on the device and choose your desired heat temperature.

l Make sure to inhale properly. For novice vapers, it may take a while to vape efficiently with flower vape. It is because you don’t know your best temperature yet. Regardless, the best inhaling technique requires a long full breath and slow draws. In this way, you get to extract the vapor and have the full effects of the flower vape.


Using flower vape is the best way to maximize the effects of your favorite herb. Whether vaping is for you therapeutic or pleasurable benefits, you will surely receive the full vaping effects with this guide. Take note though that a clean vaping device will also help you enjoy the vaping journey. It prevents delays and disruptions.

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